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George Teaches Religious Studies provides expertly created curriculum content for the various philosophy and ethics topics of A Level Religious Studies across all the major examination boards. Click on the images below to explore the courses that are currently available, and access all presentations, quick quizzes, and video lessons contained within them.


The ethics courses cover areas in applied ethics, including animal ethics, and environmental ethics, among others. Like the philosophy courses, they are added to as more resources are created.


The philosophy courses cover arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil, and religious experience, among others. Like the ethics courses, they are added to as more resources are created.


The first 14 days of any subscription to George Teaches Religious Studies is free; you can cancel at any time in this trial period without incurring any charge. Throughout the trial period and beyond, all subscribers have access to a wide range of resources, including quick quizzes, presentations, video lessons, and downloadable resources for the ethics courses; in brief, everything you need to teach or learn about Religious Studies.


Quick quizzes for students throughout all courses.


Clearly indicated coverage of all A Level examination boards.


High quality video lessons throughout all courses.


Carefully crafted presentations for teachers.


Downloadable information sheets and worksheets.

Partners and Testimonials

George Teaches Religious Studies is proud to work with organisations across the United Kingdom and around the world to bring high quality teaching and learning resources to teachers and students. These are some of the organisations that endorse or use George Teaches Religious Studies to enhance teaching and learning, and some of the views from heads of department and teachers who use the resources.

  • George Teaches

    “I have found George Teaches Religious Studies to be an extremely valuable resource for informing my own teaching practice and members of my department. The video presentations are engaging and clear which is also perfect in helping students to learn, particularly at a time where online learning is of the utmost importance. As the resources are accessible to all they really are fantastic in aiding progress at A Level. Definitely great value for money and a fantastic purchase for our department.”

    Head of Religious Studies, Watford Grammar School for Girls

  • George Teaches

    “George Teaches Religious Studies is a fabulous resource making difficult topics easily accessible for independent online studies. It is also an invaluable teaching aid when used to consolidate classroom learning.

    Without doubt, a very worthwhile investment for any Religious Studies department.”

    Head of Religious Studies, Downsend School

  • George Teaches

    “Amazing... These resources and website are a valuable resource. Highly accessible with high level knowledge of the topics covered in the RS specifications.”

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Tameside College

  • George Teaches

    “I find these resources very helpful, creative, and to the point. I use the videos in my teaching and my students really like them a lot.”

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Philip's School


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