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George Teaches Religious Studies provides expertly created curriculum content for the various philosophy and ethics topics of A Level Religious Studies across all the major examination boards. Click on the images below to explore the courses that are currently available, and access all presentations, quick quizzes, and video lessons contained within them.


The ethics courses cover areas in applied ethics, including animal ethics, and environmental ethics, among others. Like the philosophy courses, they are added to as more resources are created.


The philosophy courses cover arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil, and religious experience, among others. Like the ethics courses, they are added to as more resources are created.


The first 14 days of any subscription to George Teaches Religious Studies is free; you can cancel at any time in this trial period without incurring any charge. Throughout the trial period and beyond, all subscribers have access to a wide range of resources, including quick quizzes, presentations, video lessons, and downloadable resources for the ethics courses; in brief, everything you need to teach or learn about religious studies.


Quick quizzes for students throughout all courses.


Clearly indicated coverage of all A Level examination boards.


High quality video lessons throughout all courses.


Carefully crafted presentations for teachers.


Downloadable information sheets and worksheets.

Partners and Testimonials

George Teaches Religious Studies is proud to work with organisations across the United Kingdom and around the world to bring high quality teaching and learning resources to teachers and students. These are some of the organisations that endorse or use George Teaches Religious Studies to enhance teaching and learning, and some of the views from heads of department and teachers who use the resources.

  • George Teaches

    “Like many RE teachers, I have found there to be a real dearth of high quality resources online for this new reality of remote teaching. And so George Teaches RS has arrived like the proverbial manna from heaven. In terms of quality of resources and ease of accessibility, this is probably the best A Level RE website I have ever found in my 20+ years of teaching. My students find the site easy to navigate, and the interactive worksheets and resources really help keep them engaged. George himself is incredibly generous with his time and responds quickly to enquiries. I would recommend the site to any A Level RE teacher - the full subscription is a fraction of the cost of many commercial online resources, and would be worth it at twice the price.”

    GTRS W St Ignatius' College

    Deputy Headteacher, St Ignatius' College

  • George Teaches

    “My student teachers have certainly benefitted from the excellent lesson outlines and plans at George Teaches Religious Studies. It has given them the confidence to tackle a range of topics, especially those for whom philosophy is not central to their schema of knowledge.”

    GTRS W University of Bristol

    PGCE Subject Lead for Religious Studies, University of Bristol

  • George Teaches

    “Having just joined and had some time to look around the site, I can honestly say it has saved me so much time and I might actually be able to see my family. The resources are excellent. Really easy to navigate and with well explained videos. My A Level group is delighted. Particularly those who have struggled... We will be using this a lot.”

    GTRS W St Joan of Arc Catholic School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Joan of Arc Catholic School

  • George Teaches

    “I have found George Teaches Religious Studies to be an extremely valuable resource for informing my own teaching practice and members of my department. The video presentations are engaging and clear which is also perfect in helping students to learn, particularly at a time where online learning is of the utmost importance. As the resources are accessible to all they really are fantastic in aiding progress at A Level. Definitely great value for money and a fantastic purchase for our department.”

    GTRS W Watford Grammar School for Girls

    Head of Religious Studies, Watford Grammar School for Girls

  • George Teaches

    “Amazing... These resources and website are a valuable resource. Highly accessible with high level knowledge of the topics covered in the RS specifications.”

    GTRS W Tameside College

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Tameside College

  • George Teaches

    “George Teaches Religious Studies is a fabulous resource making difficult topics easily accessible for independent online studies. It is also an invaluable teaching aid when used to consolidate classroom learning. Without doubt, a very worthwhile investment for any religious studies department.”

    GTRS W Downsend School

    Head of Religious Studies, Downsend School

  • George Teaches

    “I'm very new to the site but have found the video clips most useful for consolidating knowledge about topics. For students these are an ideal homework task - note taking to either review topics or to introduce new topics.”

    GTRS W Codsall Community High School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Codsall Community High School

  • George Teaches

    “I find these resources very helpful, creative, and to the point. I use the videos in my teaching and my students really like them a lot.”

    GTRS W St Philip's School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Philip's School

  • George Teaches

    “The site has been very beneficial for home learning... The videos and question sheets, which can be easily accessed on the website, have saved a lot of time... The site is very user friendly and all resources are easily accessed. All resources can be downloaded and therefore displayed on any teacher platform an individual school chooses to use. I highly recommend.”

    GTRS W Llantwit Major School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Llantwit Major School

  • George Teaches

    “I have found the site to be an amazing resource for two reasons. It has provided depth to topics that the textbooks only skim over... And the other thing the website enables me to do is to teach AO1 in a much more concentrated format. This leaves space for me to achieve that added depth and for me to devote more space just to doing AO2 with my students. I know that colleagues like me, when teaching a topic that is not part of our own specialist background, can rely on this website to help.”

    GTRS W Watford Grammar School for Boys

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Watford Grammar School for Boys

  • George Teaches

    “I would thoroughly recommend the George Teaches website as an invaluable resource for those teaching A Level Religious Studies. My colleagues and I have found the set-up process to be quick and easy for both staff and students and the site itself is easy to navigate. We have been impressed with the content and subject matter and have enjoyed the video presentations.

    The videos are presented in a style and language which is appropriate to A Level students across the ability range but will certainly encourage the high attainers to achieve the top grades. The content matter is being developed all the time and there are a number of information notes and worksheets to accompany the various topics available. There is also some great advice on how to answer and structure AO1 and AO2 style questions. If you sign up for George Teaches, you will not be disappointed.”

    GTRS W St Julie's Catholic High School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Julie's Catholic High School

  • George Teaches

    “George’s video lessons are very useful for pre or flipped learning as they introduce the student to the key content. They are also very helpful for extending the more able as they incorporate the use of original texts. These are high quality resources which are useful to support the curriculum or for independent study.”

    GTRS W Plymstock School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Plymstock School

  • George Teaches

    “George Teaches Religious Studies is a fantastic one stop shop for all A Level RE teachers. The presentations and worksheets are of a high quality, professional and easy to use. They can be used by teachers as a resources for teaching the philosophy and ethics content (especially useful during this period of remote learning), and/or by pupils as part of their wider reading and revision. George is also on hand to give guidance and support in getting the best out of the website. I would strongly recommend this site to all those who are teaching or studying A Level RE.”

    GTRS W St Ignatius' College

    Head of Religious Studies, St Ignatius' College

  • George Teaches

    “What I really like about the site is that it presents in-depth explanations that help to increase my understanding of the ideas. It presents source material and explains it in an accessible way. Topics and arguments are broken down into different aspects so that you can select the most relevant parts to use with different groups of students. I really like the summary Prezi diagrams that you can use.

    Currently, teaching remotely requires a lot of motivation from students and I think the way the material is presented offers them choice and engaging material that they can explore for themselves. It also allows for material to be downloaded onto podcasts, which is great! The site is easy to navigate and knowledge behind the material is expert.”

    GTRS W Prince Henry's High School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Prince Henry's High School

  • George Teaches

    “George Teaches has proved to be an invaluable resource... George covers many areas of the AQA Religious Studies Specification and the site is easy to navigate for both teachers and students. I find the video presentations particularly useful and often set them for the students to watch on their own to reinforce what has been covered in the lesson. The videos cover all the necessary content required for each topic and typically last under 10 minutes. George’s delivery is calm, clear and well-paced; George literally teaches and his no frills videos are very much welcomed by the students!”

    GTRS W Bridgewater School

    Head of Sixth Form, Bridgewater School

  • George Teaches

    “George Teaches Religious Studies is an excellent resource, providing our teachers and pupils with academically stimulating and challenging insights into the A level topics. Unlike many A level resources out there, it draws upon original scholarly material to push pupils to A* territory, but at the same time it is explained and organised in an accessible way that will support pupils of all abilities. A site well worth exploring!”

    St John's School

    Head of Religious Studies, St John's School

  • George Teaches

    “The videos are really informative and are a great length. The accompanying worksheets are really good and very student friendly. I can highly recommend them.”

    GTRS W Homewood School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Homewood School

  • George Teaches

    “I have found this site to be a life saver during lockdown – essential for providing pupils with access to high quality resources for independent learning. Ideal for Advanced Higher RMPS. I'm so glad I came across George Teaches Religious Studies as it has been extremely difficult in the past to find high qualities resources that align with Advanced Higher RMPS.”

    GTRS W Crieff High School

    Teacher of Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies, Crieff High School

  • George Teaches

    “We have found the website invaluable during remote teaching - year 12 have commented that the resources on religious experience are really useful, especially the video lessons. Year 13s meanwhile have been primarily using the site for revision purposes and have found it a great way to self-assess their learning from year 12. The website is so well put together and it’s very user friendly!”

    GTRS W St Angela's Ursuline School

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Angela's Ursuline School

  • George Teaches

    “As a trainee teacher, the website has been extremely helpful for me. I can enhance my own subject knowledge by watching the great quality videos and by completing the short knowledge quizzes on the website. I would highly recommend George Teaches to all religious education trainee teachers.”

    GTRS W Smithills School

    PGCE Student, Smithills School


Inspired by the work of Peter Singer and the philosophy of effective altruism, George Teaches Religious Studies donates one third of its revenue to GiveWell, a charity dedicated to saving as many lives as possible in less economically developed countries. Since 2021, subscribers have raised:


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