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Arne Næss on Environmental Ethics

A Level: Edexcel

A detailed investigation into Arne Næss's key ideas on environmental ethics, including what they are, how they work, and why they're important. This lesson provides a brief biography of Arne Næss, and covers the text of Ecology, Community and Lifestyle. This includes discussion of the cause of environmental damage and destruction, the solution provided by practising ecosophy, and how practising ecosophy leads to deep ecology.

EE ANOEE Ecology, Community and Lifestyle (Front Cover)Ecology, Community and Lifestyle is an amazing book. Although you can use either the full or short book synopsis below to understand Arne Næss's key ideas better, there really is no substitute to reading the text for yourself (you can buy a copy here). In many ways the book is quite a challenging read, because in the beginning it focuses more on ontology (i.e. the study of reality) than environmental ethics itself, but it's also revolutionary. Arne Næss was the founding father of deep ecology, and Ecology, Community and Lifestyle reveals how all his ideas and thoughts hang together. It also challenges anyone who thinks environmental issues can simply be solved by recycling!