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    • Introduction to Animal Ethics
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    • Issues in Animal Ethics
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    • Knowledge of Approaches and Issues in Animal Ethics
    • Peter Singer on Animal Ethics
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    • Comprehension of Scholarly Views on Animal Ethics
    • Natural Law and Animal Ethics
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    • Situation Ethics and Animal Ethics
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    • Virtue Ethics and Animal Ethics
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    • Application of Normative Ethical Theories to Animal Ethics
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    • Animal Ethics Presentation and Booklets
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Peter Singer on Animal Ethics

A Level: AQA

A detailed investigation into Peter Singer's key ideas on animal ethics, including what they are, how they work, and why they're important. This lesson provides a brief biography of Peter Singer, and covers the text of Animal Liberation. This includes discussion of egalitarianism and the principle of equality, sentience as the basis of interests, and why it is necessary to adopt vegetarianism to avoid speciesism.

GTRS C AE PSOAE Animal Liberation (2)

Peter Singer divides opinion (in fact, in the United States, his views are considered so controversial that there were public protests against his appointment to a Princeton University professorship); nevertheless, despite this, he's also an incredibly influential and popular philosopher. Animal Liberation is arguably Peter Singer's most famous work and has the status of a sacred text among some members of the animal rights movement, especially those who are also vegetarians or vegans. Of all the books I've read about ethical issues it's the one that's had the most profound effect on me. I highly recommend you buy a copy for yourself here!