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    • Natural and Moral Evil
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    • The Logical Problem and the Evidential Problem
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    • The Challenge to Religious Belief
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    • Introduction to the Problem of Evil
    • David Hume's Argument
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    • John Mackie's Argument
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    • William Rowe's Argument
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    • Gregory Paul's Argument
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    • Presentations of the Problem of Evil
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    • The Problem of Evil Presentation
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John Mackie's Argument

A Level: Edexcel • WJEC

A detailed investigation into John Mackie's famous presentation of the logical problem of evil, including how it works, and why it's convincing. This lesson provides a brief biography of John Mackie, and covers the text of Evil and Omnipotence. This includes discussion of the inconsistent triad, which he used to support his claim that God cannot be both omnibenevolent and omnipotent. There is bonus material at the end of the lesson on its solutions.